The negative impacts of Covid-19 are still with us months after its outbreak and it might probably take years for the world to recover from its devastating effects.

With the lockdown of economies and countries across the globe, many people have suffered massively from the ravaging effects of the pandemic. Amongst its victims sadly are people with intellectual disabilities.

With the lockdown, many families lost their livelihoods through the massive job losses recorded across the country. People with intellectual disabilities therefore because the worse affected as they could not fend for themselves naturally and some of their parents could not afford to any longer.

We worked with partner Civil Service Organizations the likes of Foundation Beyond Belief to distribute foodstuff and PPEs to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. During the exercise, we learned a lot about the plights of these unfortunate ones. Many of such stories we will share in other posts.

We would like to say a very big thank you to all who donated to make this a success and to all who worked on the field with us to do the distributions.

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