Services and Advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities (SAPID) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization passionate about the singular goal of engendering an inclusive society for persons with intellectual disabilities. We work to achieve this by providing services and advocating for their fundamental human rights.

The organization is working at achieving this goal through efforts to reduce stigmatization by means of advocacy, training, and education of the public, research, and skill development of PWIDs. The organization has undertaken a project on the mobilization of parents with PWIDs in the central region of Ghana. The aim of the project was to create groups for these parents to serve as a medium for learning, empowerment, and community involvement.

Our Vision

To witness an inclusive system where people with intellectual disabilities are offered equal access to services and opportunities in Ghana.

Our Mission

To reduce stigmatization by advocating for the rights and needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families through education, training, and recreation.

Core Values

Extra care
Attitude of positivity
Acceptance: We accept varieties of individuals, thoughts, and ideas.

What we believe


We believe that there are great potentials in PWIDs. They are very great assets that when paid attention to, trained and invested in, will become great assets to themselves, their families, and the society at large.


We believe that when people know better they will do better. We, therefore, believe in advocating for and promoting the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Skill Development

We believe in developing the potentials of PWIDs through love, extra care, attention, patience, and an attitude of positivity.


APPID, an Association of Parents and Persons with Intellectual Disabilities was formed in 2011 to handle issues regarding the accessibility of the common fund. This association is currently the representation of  INCLUSION GHANA, CAPE COAST CHAPTER.

SAPID has also been able to sponsor students with intellectual disabilities to take part in sporting activities including Special Olympics games held annually in Ghana and also, sporting activities held in Los Angeles in the United States of America and Cairo, Egypt. The children performed tremendously and won some awards for themselves and their schools.