Inclusion Ghana

To reduce stigmatization and ensure full inclusion of persons with intellectual disability and their families in Ghana by advocating for their rights and needs.

Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations

Its vision is “an inclusive society for all persons with disabilities in Ghana”, and the mission is “to advocate the rights of Persons with Disability by influencing policies, programs and activities at the national and local levels and to strengthen the organizations of Persons with Disabilities”.

Department of Social Welfare

The Department of Gender has undergone several transformations over the years. In 1975, the government by NRC Decree 322 established the National Council for Women and Development, NCWD. The government was convinced that the NCWD was necessary if women were…

Autism Awareness Care and Training

AACT is a local support and education centre for children with autism that was founded in 1998 by Mrs. Serwah Quaynor, a mother of a child with autism. Since creating the Centre, Mrs. Quaynor has worked tirelessly to help parents of children with autism in Ghana to understand better the disability and to feel that there is a safe place to go for support and help.

ASOG – Autism Society of Ghana

Autism Society of Ghana

CHIP International

Autism in Africa is often compounded by severe stigma, a dire need for awareness and knowledge of intervention methods, a lack of resources and a lack of community support.​ Indeed this goes for other neurological disorders as well, with diagnostic distinctions not commonly made.